MP3 Players …what to get?

Guestbook MP3 Players …what to get?

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      I’m debating entering the world of MP3 players soon, and of course I’m debating which one to get! I figure some of you swervies out there can give me some good advice!

      The ipod and the Creative Zen are the 2 top runners right now. I am not really a mac guy, so the Zen is slightly ahead. Also, I’ve heard the Zen has better sound and cool options like smart sound (adjusts the volume of every track).

      I was also wondering, if you have a concert, or a symphony loaded up (or any long piece of music split up into multiple tracks), do you get those little 2 sec. gaps between each track associated with MP3s? Know what I mean?

      Anyways, just wondering what other people’s experiences have been so far with these things!

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