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      So, just when there was actually some stuff that I absolutely had to own (I’m getting a little sick of the uber shitty quality mp3’s and the iPod culture in general), I wind up going to the locally owned record store and paying $18 (US) for a 30 or so minute LP. This is what you call totally insane. I know for a fact that I could have easily gotten the same disc on Ebay for barely over $10 shipping included. You know…I’ll admit to downloading quite a bit of stuff, but I still like to buy music too (because there’s some stuff that I absolutely HAVE to own). It’s just ridiculous because I still think retailers are running away with the hype of supposedly being ran out of business, which to me seems kind of exaggerated.

      Personally, I’m glad that within the music world, it seems as though the proverbial middle man is being steadily eliminated. Stores, labels, whatever. Total eradication I say. Ideally, I’d prefer to give my money directly to whomever made the music in the first place. Here Black Sabbath, here’s my ten bucks. Divide it up however you like.


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