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      I know there’s gotta be some recordings that are so bad (to your ears) that you have, or are thinking of.. breaking with a hammer, let alone taking to a used CD/record shop. I’m talking about a tune or album that is so unpleasant, it causes you physical pain.

      I’ll throw one out there, and would be interested to what others around here think. Give reasons you hate the thing. If you smashed it, melted it into an ashtray, or gave it to your puppy dog to toilet train on, I’d love to hear the details!

      Here’s one:

      Vanilla Fudge, the album ROCK N” ROLL. Absolutely Putrid. This one though is so bad, that it causes me to howl in laughter (no I didn’t break it…I use it for humor therapy). The lead singer has this obnoxious warble, the drums are monotonous, and guitars are tuned to this very trebly bending, scraping sound. Will drive you up the wall…guaranteed. A blast from the past that is a nightmare sure to haunt us of the baby boomer gen who actually thought these clowns were cool, when we were in High School. OUCH![xx(][:(!]

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