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      anyone heard this? i bought the tape off ebay that was originally given away with select magazine in england years ago. can convert and send as mp3 to you brad for future posting? (assuming the band are cool with this… is suspect so – they gave it away free originally)

      it’s not as fierce as the raise version or the single…. a little slower. just before the guitar solo bit adam goes “driiiiive jim.”
      not sure if this is the same demo that mark gardener gave to alan mcghee, who first popped it in the tape player of a limo in LA.

      completely unrelated…. did anyone here go to the shows swervedriver did in amsterdam, probably around ’92 time? IIRC the review said that there was a hostel/coffee shop next door to the venue that travelling fans stayed in afterwards. the review quoted jimmy as saying (whilst puffing luxuriously on a fat skunk one) that he was happy with “a solid, Arsenal-like performance.”

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