need MEZCAL HEAD era high-res photos

Guestbook need MEZCAL HEAD era high-res photos

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      Hi all,

      I’m the Art Director for a small publishing company in Philadelphia. We make DECIBEL, among other things, if you’re into metal.

      We’re relaunching our suite of indie-retail in-store magazines (distributed among the folks who put together RECORD STORE DAY) — and we’re debuting a new oral history feature with an 8-page story about the release of Mezcal Head.

      I’m having trouble finding MH-era shots: glossies, live pics, anything: I need a great shot to lead off the feature. Have a small bit of money if it will help to dig things up, scan slides, etc.

      Please email ASAP — thanks for any help!

      Jamie Leary
      Art Director
      Red Flag Media

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