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      Revised track listing:

      “I should really make sure you get the right track
      listing for this Sanctuary release. That one that’s
      been out was never the final order but just a
      provisional list of songs – all of those songs
      wouldn’t fit on two CDs anyway so the final list is
      four songs lighter.

      CD 1
      Son Of Mustang Ford
      Planes Over The Skyline
      The Birds
      Why Say Yeah
      Scrawl & Scream
      Rave Down
      How Does It Feel To Look Like Candy?
      Blowin’ Cool
      The Other Jesus
      Juggernaut Rides
      For Seeking Heat
      These Times
      The Hitcher
      My Zephyr
      Last Train To Satansville
      Kill The Superheroes
      Behind The Scenes Of The Sounds & The Times
      Never Lose That Feeling

      99th Dream
      93 Million Miles From The Sun
      Ejector Seat Reservation
      Neon Lights Glow
      Sci Flyer
      Cars Converge On Paris
      Deep Seat
      Just Sometimes
      Son Of Mustang Ford (1989 Demo)

      The last song is the original demo that we sent out to
      record labels and the one that got us signed and not
      the version that came out on a cassette with Select
      magazine – so in fact there are 4 never before
      released tracks!”

      I’ll make these changes throughout the site when I next sit down to work on it.

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