New Toshack news *2nd part of Birdsong on friday!

Guestbook New Toshack news *2nd part of Birdsong on friday!

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    Ciro M

    From the Toshack Highway mailing list:

    toshack highway – birdsong ep out friday

    This Friday sees Toshack HIghway teaming up with
    Oxford based label Shifty Disco to release a
    downloadable MP3 EP called Birdsong EP with two tracks
    being available for 99p this coming Friday 10th Feb
    and two more plus downloadable artwork for another 99p
    next Friday Feb 17th.
    Go to:

    The Shifty Disco Download Singles Club pumps out
    weekly releases each and every Friday throughout the
    year, a 12-month subscription comes in at only £12.

    The EP features four different versions of two songs
    to be featured on the latest Toshack HIghway album
    Bolts of Melody to be released later in the year.

    This Friday’s download is Birdsong (album version) and
    Theme From LSD (live version), the latter recorded
    with full band in Toronto on Nov 12th last year.

    The following Friday will be Birdsong (moonshiner
    version) a stripped down folk-sounding rendition and
    Theme From LSD (baroque version) a film score-like
    home studio interpretation.

    Says Adam Franklin, ex of Swervedriver and the main
    man behind Toshack: “It’s quite a cool thing doing a
    downloads only release because the whole thing has
    such a quick turnaraound.
    “Dave Newton Ride’s manager (who also runs Shifty
    Disco) heard the new Toshack Highway album and
    suggested putting a track up at Shifty Disco.
    “I said Why not, and when Dave said the track he
    wanted to use was Birdsong it reminded me that I had
    intended to record a slowed down solo version of that
    “Then the idea of expanding this to an EP release
    sprang up as we had these versions of Theme From LSD
    lying around as well.
    “But what makes it realy like a 45 release from the
    60s is that we’re still finishing off the ‘baroque
    version’ of LSD – Ley Taylor and his brother Mike up
    in Toronto are putting a few finishing touches to it,
    piano and stuff. So we’ll finish off the track and
    it’ll be released within the week.”

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