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      This posted on the site today:

      “NEWS JUN 11 05

      As far as the new Toshack Highway album is concerned, inevitably there are a few rocks in the road that prevent a smooth journey straight to your stereos, computers and car radios and that will delay the release until much later in the year, if not the new year.

      However, there will be another Toshack releases this
      year as plans are afoot for a CD that will be available through this site only. This release will round up loose ends, stray tracks, home recordings and explore the debris from the side streets of the

      There are also some plans in place for reissuing the
      existing Toshack releases and yes, there will also be some touring news coming shortly.

      Finally, corporate downsizing hits home as Adam does a little spring clean. A handful of Adam’s stomp boxes that are no longer required have been made available here. Get’em.”

      So, anyone bid on the pedals yet? Can’t wait to hear about some live dates!!!!!

      edit: I should add, go to the Toshack site for the link to bid on the pedals.

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