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      Feel the Love!!!!…

      Just in time for Valentines Day two romantic videos up @ KINODV.
      Leading off the love fest is Human Sexual Response with “Blow Up”
      Filmed in Boston at the Streets Club in 1982. This video features
      Russ Meyer’s “Faster, Pussy Cat Kill! Kill!” and stars the sultry
      Tura Santana.

      On the flip side is the instrumental ode to sensuality, “Moments in Love” from the Art of Noise. First released in 1983 and remixed in 1985 this video incorporates a live performance of the song with an artful collage of imagery. Hold me…Squeeze me…Tease me…..Taste me….Moments in Love…..

      Visit the Archive Portal @

      And see the following bands:

      Filmed in Boston:

      The Neighborhoods
      Nervous Eaters
      The Cure
      Unnatural Axe
      La Peste
      Fabulous Billygoons
      Mission of Burma
      Human Sexual Response
      Lou Miami and the Kozmetiks
      The King Bees
      Robin Lane and the Chartbusters
      Ground Zero
      Iron Liver Project
      Peter Dayton Band

      Also for you to viddy well. Not filmed in Boston, but timely clips for U to see:

      The Jam
      Dead Kennedys
      Gang of Four
      The Clash
      Stiff Little Fingers
      The Specials
      The Stranglers
      Siouxsie & the Banshees
      Ian Drury and the Block Heads
      The Dead Boys
      Sham 69
      The Ramones
      The Damned
      The Beat
      Art of Noise

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