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      Im curious as what you all did for it. It can be the biggest non-event as the expectation usually out-weighs the reality most of the time, for me.

      This year I suggested a friend have a party at his new home on a hill overlooking the city, as the previous have been spent at my local which has a fairly decent beach party annually. Lots a young chicks in bikinis and carry on. Makes me feel like im at school supervising a social… thats pretty sad huh. Anyway This year it was a sultry night and we were expecting thunderstorms which would have been deluxe with the view. They arrived too late however. About 20 ppl came to our show and we drank 3 bottles of Mezcal. I had a worm and the night went into fast-forward. It was 4:30 am and felt like 12:30am. Anyway I can recommend tequlia binges for NYE. Great fun.

      What did you guys do in the cold[?]


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