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      Check out the kudos to the site for the live album compilations.

      I really like the Swervedriver website, I like that you’ve got audio files that are compiled by some of your fans from different shows and kind of classified into different albums. Did that all kind of just happen without you knowing or did you have a hand in that?

      Well I mean the guys on the webpage, the guy that runs it, Brad and then various people that contribute, run the idea, the idea just cropped up I guess and yeah and they ran it by and said, “is this a cool thing?” and I said, “yeah man it’s like you know, it sounds like a cool thing.” So I guess I was sent the files, to kind of see if they pass, have good enough recordings. But yeah it’s really cool. The live things, you listen with head phones and you’re back in Maxwell’s Hoboken or something, Halloween of ’98 or whatever it was. Yeah there’s some good stuff in there.”

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