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      Hi folks,

      I’ve been a lurker around these parts for many a year but I had to post up about this ‘cos it’s been bugging me. Has anyone got any ideas on where I can get hold of some of the old Swervedriver t-shirts these days. In particular I would love to lay my hands on a short sleeved Never Lose That Feeling T-shirt. I used to own one but I think my bastard brother tealeaved it years ago. I’d also be partial to a Kill The Superheroes shirt or the effects pedals design but I’ve been scratching my head over where to find them. Google brings up mostly that grey radar shirt and theres nowt on ebay. Any ideas? Or are the chances of finding them slim?

      Oh and last time I went back to my folks house I unearthed issues 3 to 12 of the Swervy fanclub magazine which I shall try and scan at some stage and send over to Brad if they’re of any use.


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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