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      Hey Dudes – sorry for the delay in posting.

      As I mentioned in some other thread – I swerved up and over with 5 other guys to make the Omaha show from Kansas City. It was only 3.5 hours to get there – so every bit worth making the drive. I would have gone to St. Louis or even Chicago if I had to.

      The first band was called Gnome – a 2 piece. The singer guitarist had a stunning Siouxsie B style goin’ on and she could play the guitar with energy and grace. – totally hot.

      Next were the The Life and Times – which in itself was a treat for me. They are a K.C. band so I can see them all the time – but, they were a perfect bill match along with SWD imo. The new Life and Times songs are freakin’ awesome. The only problem was some major mic crackleing that occured about 3 tunes into the show. Too bad really – The vocals are always spot on. The mic problems had me concerned about what might happen with SWD – but, it turned out to be Life and Times gear that was causing the problem – not the actual Waiting Room equipment.

      Unlike Adams Bolts of Melody tour – there wasn’t a chance to talk to the guys before the show. They are swervin’ in style and have a nice pimpin’ tour bus.
      The set list has already been posted (I’ll repost the link in this thread) so I won’t write a song by song essay – just know that they started with Sci-flyer and ended with For Seeking Heat! The most incredible way to start and end a show I could imagine. Everything in between was nothing short of complete brilliance and pure power of sound. I stood front and center rockin’ out the whole show. It couldn’t have been better.
      After the show the guys hung out for quite a while. I got the chance to meet everyone else besides Adam for the first time and meeting Jez in person after some snail mail trading was a great time. The dudes are genuine, good guys and seemed stoked about the show and hearing about people traveling miles across the map to make it.

      [8D] [:D] [:p] [:o)]

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