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      …really important to me [:D]

      If I can get a few of you out there to visit:


      Especially check the track “Good Morning”.

      I was originally going to post this in the new “board members with bands inspired by SWD” thread, but then realized that this guy’s material has zero to do with SWD. So be forewarned.

      I have an opportunity to back this dude up for his shows in larger venues. I’ve already jammed with him once and it went well.

      My M.O. for playing music is like this: RnRRnD. Rock n Roll Research n Development. In a nutshell, avoiding at all costs the 30-minute blues jam, or the nth version of “Blitzkrieg Bop”. I’m comfortable with helping a band get its original songs together – establish a meat & potatoes backline, maybe play some shows, and then moving on to the next project – hence the longest I’ve been in any one band was 3 1/2 years.

      He seems to have his songcraft down pat, so I won’t be offering any new science there. In fact, it would be nice working with someone who is proficient enough to support his type of one man act (he owns a floor full of pedals and is very adept at looping on the fly).

      But my own personal (albeit first) impressions are:

      1) It sounds like soundtrack music to any number of shows on the WB network, or
      2) It sounds like Christian rock – very glossy production, lots of MOR lyrics that don’t let the music speak for itself, or
      3) It sounds as if it’s just outside the demographic for Radio Disney.

      In some ways I’d like to aspire to the next level of my “more-than-a-hobby-but-less-than-a-career” drumming career. But at the expense of losing (what little I have left of) my street cred?

      What do I do?

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