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    Ciro M

    I figured I’d post this up because I rarely ever see anyone chatting about video games around these parts. Anybody else here into gaming at all? I’ve mentioned before that I’m a recovered online gaming head (team fortress, counterstrike) but as of late I’ve been hitting the playstation 2 pretty hard.
    I got my fiance a few classic gaming collections for Christmas with galaga, pacman, and paperboy era stuff and she’s been enjoying that when she can wedge herself between me and the controller.
    Most recently I’ve been awaiting the arrival of the new Gran Turismo 4 racing simulator. Nothing like hopping in any one of the great cars that they have on there, cranking up “raise”, and barreling around chicanes at 90 mph. Add a nice 900 deg capable steering wheel and the immersiveness is grand.
    Those old schoolers on the board who might not know about the next gen consoles abilities check this out.
    This is an actual in game replay of a single lap. Unreal. Its about 15 meg btw and MP4 format. Real player should handle it fine.

    Anyways… video games… thoughts? or am I alone here?

    Edit: i r a gud spelar

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