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      Hey everyone

      I’ve been searching through the board looking for info on -lossless- versions of the old 1990 Peel Session (rip) tracks, and saw mention of them having been posted to STG and easytree in the past. I got mp3s of these 4 tracks from SoulSeek a long time ago, and they’re terribly compressed and harshly edited, so I’d like to upgrade :)

      I missed the boat on STG, and noticed that easytree ( now) had banned the Peel Session torrent because “Out” was released on a CD in the past.

      I was wondering if anyone here that has the lossless version of thost tracks can either re-post the 3 tracks that won’t get banned on (and possibly email me the track “out” so dimeadozen don’t get mad again).

      I also saw that there was a 6/24/92 VPRO Session where they did Sandblasted, Hands and Never Lose That Feeling. That would be cool if this could be included in the possible torrent since it seems to be another live in the studio performance.

      Speaking of studio sessions… does anyone know if the 2/20/94 KCMU broadcast that has them performing Last Train To Satansville, For Seeking Heat, Sandblasted and Duress is another in-studio performance, or just part of a concert they broadcast? I’ve seen some of you mentioning you have that too. If that’s an in-studio performance as well, that would be great to have all 3 of these in a lossless torrent file.

      Actually, now that I think of it, I have a CD-R copy made from an original “The Cutting Edge” radio program CD which might be an upgrade for some of you who already have it on other bootlegs (which I’m guessing were sourced from cassette tapes of the FM broadcast) that I’d love to throw in to this torrent I’ve proposed of all in-studio Swervedriver performances… I think it’d be cool to have enough material to fill 1 CD with.

      What does everyone think?

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