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      … So now, seven years later, there’s this compilation, with rarities and unreleased tracks rubbing elbows with songs that were featured in NME as both Single of the Week and Single of Next Week. For newcomers, navigating Juggernaut Rides might seem daunting, but it’s conveniently organized so that most of the choice cuts are included on Disc One. Not to say that Disc Two isn’t worth a listen– “Duress” and the unreleased “Neon Lights Glow” (with a respectful nod to Link Wray) is definitely worth checking out– but it’s somewhat superfluous in light of what the first disc has to offer. For fans, this collection is a loving and generous mash note, even if they probably already own most of the tracks on here. For the group being honored here, Juggernaut Rides is a fitting tribute, putting a fantastic set of neglected songs back into print. This is Swervedriver’s beautiful corpse. It’s a wonder to behold.

      full review here: http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/record-reviews/s/swervedriver/juggernaut-rides.shtml

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