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      Picked up a copy of a “new” Swervedriver vinyl LP yesterday, titled “Planes Over the Skyline”. It was released by a label Alti Philosophi out of Germany & appears to be a bootleg. The cover is heavy cardboard with blue & black screen printed ink and the back reads “Rare and Unreleased Recordings”

      Neon Lights Glow
      Planes Over the Skyline
      Son of Mustang Ford
      Volcano Trash
      Juggernaut Rides
      The Hitcher
      Just Sometimes

      This same label has released a bunch of LPs by other bands in the last couple of years (see: http://www.littleblackstar.com/blog/category/music/records/). It’s hard to believe that anyone can actually make a profit with vinyl bootlegs these days, but it’s a pretty cool item. Has anyone else run across this?

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