PLZ HELP! Looking for Adam/SWD shows on DVD(/VHS)

Guestbook PLZ HELP! Looking for Adam/SWD shows on DVD(/VHS)

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      If anybody can help…

      I’d be eternally grateful!

      I’m looking for the following gigs (or any shows I don’t have) on DVD (even VHS [PAL or NTSC])

      Adam –

      Nov.13.2001 – Magic Bag, Detroit, MI, (mentioned here
      Nov.16.2003 – Bar Club, New Haven, CT
      Mar.??.2003 – SXSW, Austin, TX
      Aug.13.2005 – M-Theory Music, San Diego, CA

      Plus of course SWD –

      Aug/25/1991 – The Reading Festival, Reading, UK
      Apr/18(19?)/1992 – The Warfield Theatre, SF, CA
      Jan/21/1994 – Rockefellas, Columbia
      04/06/1998 – Tower Records, West Hollywood, CA (In-Store)
      ??/??/1998 – Recovery, Melbourne, Australia 1/10 & 5/9 of 1998
      Feb/28/1998 – The Theatre Of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA
      03/04/1998 – The 8×10 Club, Baltimore, MD
      03/13/1998 – Fitzgerald’s, Houston, TX
      03/15/1998 – Trees, Dallas, TX
      Mar/16/1998 – VZD’s, Oklahoma City, OK
      04/03/1998 – Brick By Brick, San Diego, CA
      May/23/1998 – The Black Cat, Washington, D.C.
      05/24/1998 – Fletcher’s, Baltimore, MD
      07/03/1998 – The Virgin Megastore & Troubadour, Hollywood, CA
      Oct/29/1998 – The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA
      Sep(Oct?)/31/1998 – Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ

      I don’t have much to trade, but have a list here

      And I’d be more than happy to supply/pay for blanks and postage

      If anyone is willing to help, please let me know!

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