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      Pioneer SA-9100 intergated amp (2nd from the top of the line for Pioneer in 1976-77, 100 watts, lots of flexibility)
      Pioneer TX-9100 tuner (matches the amp)
      Magnavox (Phillips) CDB 492 CD player (date stamp on the back says June 1986)
      Sony MDS-JE330 MiniDisc deck
      Pioneer CT-F950 cassette deck (what a tank)
      AudioSource EQ Eight Series II 10-band EQ
      Pioneer PL-530 w/AudioTechnica AT440ML cartridge
      Cerwin-Vega! studio monitors – 8″ woof/1″ tweet
      Monster Cable all around

      I can’t tell you how much I love my rig… and I know there’s prolly some firebottle freaks out there, which I can totally identify with – but the heart of my system (amp, tuner, phono) was the rig that introduced me, as a 9 year old sneaking a listen or two when my brother was out of the house, to Peter Framptons’ “Show Me The Way” and the guitar talkbox. It’s able to bring the most perfect example of stereo separation to the guitars on Paul Westerbergs’ “Kickin’ The Stall” (from – what else! – his 2002 release, “Stereo”). And of course, everything Swervie sounds so choice.

      One thing to remember about music, and in particular rock music, is that it’s still all about SPL (sound pressure level), or more simply, moving air (as a drummer, I know a little about this). When it comes to electronics, the path of least resistance affords the least distortion, and that path is the shortest one. And digital recording has come a long way, but still has a long way to go in matching analog in warmth and detail – check veteran recording man Walter Sear’s comments in TapeOp magazine #41, or his writings on his website for Sear Sound in NYC (Sonic Youth’s “Sister” was recorded there).

      loper – caught your comment on Jack White’s penchant for 2″ 8-track. I hear ya bro… was prolly part of what sucked me in…

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