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    Ciro M

      I was hoping to have a little more feedback from the guys before letting folks know about this deal but I guess I’m impatient. Most of the reasoning for setting up the site is on the front page for now. I orginally started out trying to organize and document the progress going though the live stuff and figured what better way to get more folks to contribute shows than a website dedicated to it. With close to 800 people registered for this forum I’m almost sure that there is live Adam and SWD footage that is unknown and like myself I’m sure that everyone here would love to see it.
      Please give a quick checkout and if you have video footage that is not listed there please please let me know.
      Its about time to start working on the next DVD project and there is a quick poll on the “In progress” page, have a look and pick the show you’d like to see most and we’ll give it a go.
      If you have suggestions for the site please post them here. Honestly I’m quite a novice with websites in general so be gentle.


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