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      I’ve finally managed to get round to registering! I’m a major SWD fan who’s been lurking on this site and Ajay’s previous one for years.
      Managed to see the guys several times – Reading 93, Phoenix 94 and at Dingwall’s in Camden before they broke up.

      I hope youll forgive me but I’ve got a bit of shameless plugging to do for something that I hope you’ll find interesting.

      The next instalment of the Public Service Broadcast compilations has recently been released. It’s released by a label called Smalltown America which is run by the guys behind the band Jetplane Landing.
      If you think there’s no good new music about then I suggest you get hold of a copy of these compilations!

      The idea behind Public Service Broadcast is very simple. They cram as much good new music from bands (both fresh unsigned discoveries as well as signed and on-the-up talents) as possible onto a CD, press it as cheaply as they can, sell it for £5 at shows all round the UK and Ireland (as well as online) and reinvest all the profit into the next set of compilations. PSB 4 has been financed from the profits made from previous compilations and features over 20 songs from the UK’s most exciting acts, not to mention a couple from Europe and the US: Fighting With Wire, La Momo, Santo El Diablo, We Will Be Pilots, Hyper Kinako, The Oxford Collapse, Dealership, Penniless, Hooker, Soma, The Furious Sleep, Alice And The Enemies, Now, The Half Rabbits + more. Go to for full details.

      Praise for PSBs 1-3
      Why you must buy these records? You will discover someone you can’t stop listening to. Make sure you buy these godamn beautifully prescripted rock cds so this shit continues. PSB is still the most important collection of songs you will pick up at your nearest merch table.
      Drowned In Sound

      Remarkably consistent; the label should be the recipient of a hearty pat on the back for exposing us to these fresh sounds. It’s the unheard delights that really set this compilation aside from the crowd. I promise you half of these acts will become headline news. Comes With A Smile

      If the Public Service Broadcast series is any indication, the future of rock is very bright indeed, making me more excited for the future than any major label sampler I’ve heard this year. The label’s motto is simple (“Good music needs to be heard”) and their business model could easily pave the way for bedroom recording artists and small-market fan favorites looking for their chance at a wider audience. If you like your rock music fresh off the radar screen, do yourself a favor and look up these newcomers on Smalltown America.

      Cheers people and thanks for reading!

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