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    Hello. Well, I’ve got an idea, perhaps for a mini-thread (or maybe it will prove to be longer/shorter than that), sparked by some exchanges I’ve had with Interloper (who seems to know every musician I know and then some…and that goes for just about everybody here with your varied amazing musical tastes). We chatted about Cecil Taylor on the Weekend at Burnies discussion,and I prattled on about my experience meeting Mr.Taylor.
    Someone, I think Moenkopi mentioned meeting SWD (although in an altered state of awareness at the time).
    Soo…the idea I had, was if any of us have met Bands, musicians “backstage” or in other close encounters, why not share? Would be tres cool. The more “famous” the group, person, the better..
    But please don’t tell me you banged up with Johnnie Thunders in the bathroom of CBGB’s…unless you REALLY did it!

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