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      After reading Adam’s album rankings, I’m interested to know how others would rate the albums. I think enough time has passed so that we can see where I Wasn’t Born to Lose You fits in our own minds–I agree with Adam that it stands with the best, although I wouldn’t place it above a couple of others. I love all five Swervedriver albums, so even though I would also rank it #5, to me 99th Dream is still a classic.

      For me, though, Mezcal Head stands above the rest. It’s my favourite album by any band, and I’ve listened to it more than anything else, hundreds and hundreds of times. There’s very little music that I listened to at 16 (when it came out) that still speaks to me at 40. Almost every track has been my favourite at some time during those 24 years.

      I’m beyond psyched to be able to hear the whole thing next week in Toronto. If 40 didn’t also bring along all the usual responsibilities, I would be tracking them all over North America in September.

      So here’s my list:

      1) Mezcal Head
      2) Ejector Seat Reservation
      3) I Wasn’t Born to Lose You
      4) Raise
      5) 99th Dream

      Here’s hoping that Album #6 takes a place near the top of the list…

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