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    Hello SwerveDriver_heads!

    This is a plea to barter for some live video of one of the best bands ever! Suggested to post here by the magnaminious webmaster. Any suggestions or help please send to Thanks in advance!


    I hope this finds you well. My name is Derek Pistoll as you may have gathered from my email address. I’m surrently in Spring, TX and was so blown away from SwerveDriver when they blasted through Houston in ’98 [if memory servers.] They epitomize an emotoin in time, an evolution of sound, trend and possibly scene, adn of course unmitigated genius for composition. Forever changing me and setting one of the highest bars ever for a live show. I can’t express how lucky I was to have caught them. So sad they had to open up for some subpar outfit named ‘Hum’ whom was promptly blown away. Who would psibly wnat to follow SwerveDriver? And like many bands that enjoy a modicum of success, pushed on tour, are overlooked by ‘the machine’ in favor of mediocrity and instead quality outfits like SD who don’t get the bigger venues return disenchanted and take a long long break. Of course that last part is conjecture on my part and I can but hope that one day SD will ride again, slaying audiences where they stand in shock and awe. One thing I regret is that my brother became an invalid a couple three months before SD came through. Glenn was a righteous bass player and since has switched to guitar and was in fact who turned me onto SD with Mescal Head. After seeing SD, I had to try a JazzMaster in homage and emulation to Franklin’s tone, who shortly there after became one of my all time heros. I’m looking forward to one day enjoying his solo stuffs. But the main reason for this rather tiresome msg is to ascertain the possibility of ordering a live viddy. I’d be more then happy to barter or whatever [cashiesh] to be able to play a tape or DVD for my brother and relive the magnitude of a live show. At the venue where I took in SD in Houston, Fitzgeralds, I held a mic for a dude with a camcorder who promised me a copy. I sent him three banks and $20 to no avail. Certainly there lives records for posterity’s sake in the UK of them for them. Being a muscian myself in “Neutronium” and “The A.D.D. Players” and mediocre painter adn poet, I well understand the resistence coming from the school of thought of not wishing to help and not wanting to put something like that out potentially into the public domain. I can only vouch for mine own integrity and comply with whatever the wishes necessary [sign nondisclosure agreements, sign my soul in blood, .. .] to be able to view SD in TV, the next best to the live. Please, hear my plead and understand my need and know that it comes from love and 2nd hand inspiration. You may not know those gentlemen well, or be in position to knwo or satisify my request, but certainly you are closer to the sun then I and may be able to put me in touch with Adam or one of them or someone in the circle who may know something or someone. I’m grasping at straws, and hope to one day share the supremestly cool band ever with my brother.

    Tranquility is yours,

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