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      The news is everywhere. Including here:

      Swervedriver Collides Again. At Last.
      knew there was a reason I couldn’t stop rotating everything Swervedriver ever did on Morphizm, as well as my own home and travel sound systems. From Raise to Mezcal Head to Ejector Seat Reservation to 99th Dream to Juggernaut Rides, the band has been a mainstay in my aural existence for years now. They just rocked so hard, and I missed that in a musical landscape filled with preeners, pretenders and repurposers. And now they are back together, at fucking last…”

      Maybe check with the publicist to be sure, and I have an email off to Adam asking for clarification. But the story is up on places as different as Billboard and Paste. It’s on! Perhaps change the home page of to reflect this news?

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