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    Hey everyone

    lots of gear heads in here, so I figured that being as we have a common love for the gear and the swerve, i could get some good advice.

    i am looking to add a reverb pedal into my board…i play through a sunn model t and a fender twin (a/b/y switch so that i can have one of them or both of them on at the same time)…honestly, i’m not that into the sound of the reverb on my amp (and don’t have the original RCA-jack footswitch) AND i want to be able to have reverb on everything…

    so the two pedals i’m thinking about are the electroharmonix Holy Grail and the boss rv-3/rv-5. boss has its ups and downs, but generally i’ve been really happy with every boss pedal i’ve owned despite the often digital, tinny effects produced. the problem i know about with the rv-3 is that it cuts the signal for a half second when you turn the pedal on and off…can’t have any of that. i don’t know if the rv-5 resolved this issue or not. on the other hand, the holy grail seems to have a number of shoddy electronics problems…i’ve never played one either so i’m not sure about how it sounds…

    i already have 3 delay pedals and i just need something to give a full, spacey feel that isn’t delay. ideally i would like to get a space echo, but the logistics of incorporating that into what i have and, er, actually buying one in decent condition makes me hesitant.

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