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      Thought I should start a new thread after seeing the 11Nov Toshack-Sianspheric gig…

      Any swervies living anywhere remotely near a venue that Toshack Highway will be playing during the current tour… GO!!! Adam has really rocked it up on this latest studio album judging from the tunes he played last night. He’s picked up his Fender & dusted off the effects pedals… I’m still floating [:D]

      The concert started off with Electroluminescent, a one-man technowiz with a ton of effect pedals and synths. He’d loop guitar rifts together and created nice walls of distortion… Kevin Shields would approve. Serious shoegazing, no way to look at the audience when you’re concentrating on all your gear.

      Sianspheric came on after, and you can tell they were playing to their home town (ok they’re from Burlington, but that’s right next door). There were people with lighters and some girls were dancing in front of the stage… did I mention this was Sianspheric? Anyhow, even though they can be very melodic and tranquil shoegazers with most of their work, they can sure become a power quartet of feedback when they want to. They’re supporting the RGB dvd/cd so they played most of their standards, ‘To Myself’, ‘Tous Les Soirs’, etc… and ended the set with a bang doing ‘All on Standby’.

      Now here’s what really shocked / ticked me off, about a third of the crowd left after Sianspheric quit. I just hope Adam wasn’t too offended by this… it sure didn’t reflect in his performance. He had his own bassist & keyboardist traveling with him, but Matt & Paul from Sian came to help on drums and guitar (hope I got their names right) to get Toshack up to full power. Man I swear if I closed my eyes, I’d think it was SWD playing their 5th studio album for me. It was that good, really. With the new material, and this sound… I swear this would be the direction Swervedriver could take after 99th… after going though two or three labels of course. [:(] Downside was it was a short set, maybe 50 minutes long, but it was all Toshack material. There was a rocked-up version of ‘I’ve Lost The Feeling’ which gave me a new appreciation for that song, but most of the tunes are from the upcoming disc. ‘Mary Jane’, ‘Theme From LSD’ are amazing, but easily the hilight for me was hearing ‘Canvey Island’ live. What a song! Adam hasn’t lost his touch one iota. If this concert was any indication, we’re in for one hell of a Toshack studio album folks.

      Oh, I also picked up my copy of the Toshack-4 track there, and I met my first forum member… swerve on bradsears [8D]

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