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      I had a revelation as I was walking through Union Station this morning while listening to 99th Dream on my iPod. It probably has something to do with seeing the band last week and being in Swervie Heaven currently.

      I was a huge fan through Raise and Mezcal. I was never aware of ESR until years later. It came out at a time when I was transitioning out of a phase of my life and into another. I stumbed across 99th Dream a few years later after not really keeping up with SWD. Admittedly, I didn’t really “get” 99th at the time. I put some time into it, but the songs just never got through to me.

      I can happily report that has all changed. I started listening to the album again last year as this SWD revival began picking up steam. The songs now make a lot of sense to me and I thoroughly enjoy them. I’m starting to think that ESR was a necessary transition to get from Mezcal to 99th and I didn’t have it . . . now I do. Interestingly, 99th and Bolts of Melody fit together pretty nicely.

      A couple extra things . . .

      – the tour really meant a lot to me and it is so cool to see that the band felt the same way. Jez’s comments were very good to read.

      – I noticed that Raise is now available for download on iTunes. Can ESR be far behind???

      Here’s hoping for more chances to see SWD live and for maybe even some new material. The guys have only grown as musicians and one has to think that anything new would be phenomenal.

      Well, my train is almost to New York, so back to reality.



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