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    Locksley Taylor

      anyone into Richard Hell and The Voidoids ?

      i really love Blank Generation. Awesdome album, amazing guitar playing, esp.

      Marky Ramone was their drummer.

      anyway, i’m after any bootlegs anyone has.

      there’s a bit of stuff around, but mostly in the hands of traders who won’t do blank trades.

      If anyone happens to see any bootlegs in their local shops, let me know, I’ll buy it.

      anyway, check it out if you haven’t heard it. widely reputed to be one of the forefathers of the original punk movement, his stuff is really cool (tho not very punk sounding if that makes sense). he was a founder of Television and The Heartbreakers, quitting both.[8]

      I don’t buy into the “who did it first” arguments surrounding the birth of punk and I’m not that interested in much 70s ‘punk’, other than Ramones, (tho Stiff Little Fingers stuff is great + the 1st Clash record is good too).

      But it is kinda interesting to read the thoughts of someone who was there in mid 70s NYC and hear music as interesting as the Voidoids…. i went to a reading he did here in sydney about 10 years ago. it was so so cool…….. (he’s a fairly prolific writer)

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