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    simon h

      Its gotta be difficult to translate recorded sound to a live performance. As Sci-flyer seems to be the ‘weapon on choice’ for a swervedriver ice-breaker, its interesting to see how the lads interpret that live. On the album it fades off into the distance still pumping away and showing no sign of let up the tempo.

      Its no criticism, just an observation that the live performance sometimes finishes by sort of ‘breaking down’ and disintegrating. Being one of the favs, i can imagine an alternate ending where Jez and Steve build up to an emphatic stop and the guitars screech past the stop line into a twisted scrawling sound, perhaps with the little riff morphing into a wah ‘wo-there’ moment.

      I’ve also seen a live version where the lads go into an extended ending solo type drift-off.

      As an opener its interesting how it ends as its the first round of crowd reciprication apart from that when the stage gets populated.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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