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      Hello again chaps, long time no speak and all that. Somewhere on the forum (I can’t find the thread now…) someone was asking about a radio session version of Scrawl and Scream. This does exist, we did a session for the Mark Goodier show on Radio One at some point in 1991 or early 1992- can’t remember exactly when. Anyway, the tracks were Pile Up, Hands, Scrawl and Scream and a bizarre version of Never Lose That Feeling.It was a bit of a controversial session, was recorded in the BBC Theatre in Golders Green and the engineer had three trainees with him. I remember that he took ages to set up and record as he was explaining every technical process to them and as a result we did not get to mix the tracks that day (the BBC like to record and mix four tracks in one 10 hour session) so, there was a bit of a fuss about this from the BBC end and the engineer tried to blame us, said we were drunk and unable to finish the tracks (we did go to the offie and get a few cans admittedly but we were miles from being drunk). The session was mixed by Anjali Dutt, who was the mixing engineer on Raise, sometime later while we were on tour. The session is patchy, especially toward the end, which is probably due to rushing to try to get the thing finished. I have it on cassette (you young people won’t know what that is) and I listened to it for the first time in 13 years today. Not our finest hour, pretty raw but interesting none the less.

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