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    Hello swerve fans.

    I have been working very hard after hours on a new web project and the teasing is almost over. I’ll be releasing it this weekend to all of you as a little test before I start promoting it to the world.

    I must say first off that this is in no way endorsed, supported, or approved by anybody from swervedriver. Please be sure of this because I don’t want to seem to be using their name to promote my own agenda.

    For those of you who have been pained most by my lack of information about the project … here are the details:

    I have been working on a web application designed to create, manage, and fund raise for new ideas.

    When you support an idea it is a commitment such that if there were enough other people willing to donate to this idea then you would donate as well. You don’t pay anything up to the point when there are enough other people to raise the funds required. You can also simply decline to donate when requested.

    When you are a ‘virtual supporter’ you get access to a forum and some promotion tools since it should be in your interest to help find more supporters and debate the finer points of the project.

    If ideas generate enough support the site builds a co-operative where the supporters become members and owners of the co-operative. (more info about co-operatives here:

    After the co-operative is formed, the site acts as an escrow and releases funds in a controlled manner to the elected officers of the co-operative. The elected officers and the other members of the co-operative implement the plan with the money.

    At any time the members of the co-operative may hold a vote to refund and dissolve the co-operative.

    So in other words what I have done is create a new way to donate to any project as well as create projects. The difference is that you only actually donate funds when there are enough (actually more than enough) other donors.

    How does this relate to swervedriver you ask? Well I think there are enough of us out in the world to finance our own live album release, or a re-master of raise, or a box set, or any idea you can think of. It is my love of swervedriver’s music and community that got me thinking about safe way to fund a project as a group and eventually build this service.

    The site has all kinds of tools to help you promote and sign up other ‘virtual supporters’ so I think that each one of us can help make this happen.

    So. I’m putting the finishing touches on the site this weekend and then I’ll send you all a link to the site and specifically the swervedriver project I create.

    Then I go away fro 3 weeks to tour with my brother’s band seconds to go.

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