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      OK, I confess, I go to the movie theater, maybe once every 4-5 years and rent ’em maybe a little more frequently. While at work, I saw this preview for Inception, the new flick starring Leonardo di Caprio and written/directed by Christopher Nolan. The plot is somewhat convoluted, but has to do with dream travel and this guy who has the ability to “dream with others” gaining insight into their subconscious in order to spy or gain information. Suddenly he is offered a chance to attempt to “change” the subconscious thought process in a subject, which is more difficult than just learning what’s already in their minds. From the trailer, I immediately thought it would be great to see stoned. Unfortunately though, I saw it straight, and let me tell was total disappointment. It could have been a great film, but the plot was laid out in such complicated fashion that it took me about 1/2 hour to try to discern which was the dream, which was the “reality”. And it got worse from there, with distracting subplots and the usual Hollywood obligatory car chase scenes, guns firing, things crumbling via digital effects, and oh yeah…lots of explosions. Leonardo was the only actor worthy of mention, but he was subdued pretty much and there were a couple of hotties (his wife in particular, who had wonderful cleavage), but nobody else with a decent performance. And…it cost 11$ to get in!! My advice: pass on this one, or wait till it’s downloadable or rentable, and definitely inhale deeply before…might be the only way to enjoy it. [:)]

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