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    Anyone live near the British Library? If so, you can stop by and listen to live Shake Appeal shows. They’re a part of the Michael Gerzon collection, who recorded tons of shows until his death in ’96 and whose collection was digitized by the library. This is what they list:

    1987-04-03 Jericho Tavern, Oxford
    (includes soundcheck, no setlist, Riley Ross poetry reading after Shake Appeal set)

    1987-09-28 Old Fire Station, Oxford 52:46m
    (soundcheck, Amphetamine, Revolving, Gimme Fever, Flesh And Blood, She’s Got Eyes (They Tell Lies), Old Rollercoaster, You Better Do Something, You Don’t Matter, Take A Ride With Me)

    1988-11-08 Apollo Theatre, Oxford
    Part of a (benefit?) concert entitled ‘Local Support’. Gimme Fever, Blind Joe Death, You’re Gonna Miss Me, Take A Ride With Me, Hardcore, Catch It

    1988-12-17 Co-Op Hall, Oxford
    High School Heavy Metal, Fever In My Pocket, Zig Zag Wanderer, Chinese Rocks, Ramblin’ Rose, Search And Destroy, Louie Louie

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