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      This from their mailing list:

      “Though the course may change sometimes… rivers always reach the sea…”

      It’s been a while – but it’s gonna be worth the wait

      Celebrations and libations abound on this SIANspheric’s tenth anniversary of the July 1995 release of Somnium, our debut record…
      Revisit it and love that god-awful flange effect on Sean’s guitar… what was he thinking? If you don’t already have a copy, shame on you… here you go

      And there are yet more celebrations to be had!

      July 26, 2005 will see the release of RGB – now a dvd/cd package, this release is a definitive look at sianspheric’s decade-long fruitless pursuit of greatness
      And by the wonders of technology, you can pre-order this release from

      . the DVD includes live footage, ridiculous altered-state ramblings, all of SIANspheric’s videos, some short films, and some 5.1 surround sound remixes…

      . the CD encompasses some of SIANspheric’s best and most abrasive works over the past ten years – including four previously unreleased songs and one demo of Rave On, Full On that’ll set yr effing speakers on fire (or at least bludgeon them to death)

      . and we’re currently sorting out the details of releasing an accompanying 7″… while not quite as, erm, large as 12″ – 7″ is still pretty good… or at least it’s average… the innuendo here was not intended.

      And SIANspheric performing live? Nah… but wait… yes! It’s true! Along with our friends A Northern Chorus we’re heading out for a week into the northeastern US… we look forward to finally meeting those two guys who emailed us asking what pedals we use… it’s the Akai Headrush man! It does everything!

      …and hey, if there are any others out there looking to immerse yrselves in sounds… c’mon…

      wed jul 27 2005 / chicago il / beat kitchen

      thu jul 28 2005 / cincinnati oh / comet bar

      fri jul 29 2005 / pittsburgh pa / garfield artworks

      sat jul 30 2005 / richmond va / alley katz

      sun jul 31 2005 / washington dc / dc-9

      mon aug 1 2005 / cambridge ma / lizard lounge (also w/ charlene)

      Lastly – all of these deets can be had at the new version (v 5.2 if you’re counting) of – the guestbook has returned, and a brilliant quicktime trailer for RGB DVD can also be found there… the only trick there is you’re gonna need Quicktime Player 7 for Mac or Windows to see it… unsupported software? Check!

      We love you all – and we know the feeling is mutual – but we realize you may want us to leave your inbox alone… if that’s the case, reply with “Never, ever, talk to me again… ever” in the subject line and we’ll comply… but you’d better get a restraining order ready, cos we’re angry drunks…


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