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Guestbook site up, toshack torch passing,

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      Hi. The domain name expired and that is why the site was down. Art has renewed it for a yer and will transfer control of it to me at after the year is up.

      Locksley Taylor of sianspheric has taklen over development of . This is for the best. Locksley has the resources, talent, and drive to make better.

      The ‘old’ toshack highway site will be stored at this link:

      And also today I got this email from a group who has put up :

      “Mr. Swerve-master,

      I’m just giving you a polite heads-up that we (will?) have a website (if you can even call it that) called that has nothing to do with the band. Swervedriver has, of course, always been one of our favorite bands, and we wanted to give the (fifteen or so per year) people who will be visiting our site some incentive to listen to good music.

      And I quote:

      “… we named our unrelated site to remind ourselves and others that not all music sucks.”

      The “site” just went up this morning, and as of right now it’s basically about twenty words total. It’s just an index page directing people to our actor and actress Apple HomePages (for Fox Mulder’s sister, for the bad-ass German dude in “Raiders Of the Lost Ark”, for Irish cutie Kerry Condon, etc.). No porn or boobies or anything. We plan on doing more actor-actress stuff when we learn more about site development, but right now it’s pretty empty. Unlike you, we suck. :o)

      We made it clear on the site (and we want to be clear to you, although if I’d kept my mouth shut you would never have heard of us) that we have nothing to do with the band except that we LOVE them:

      “Swervedriver” is a great band with a cool name, so we named our unrelated site to remind ourselves and others that not all music sucks. They have no idea who the **** we are, so any stupid things we post here should not be seen as a reflection on them.

      They have class, and we don’t.

      Click here to go to the band’s page,

      Hope it’s okay that we linked to you!! :o) Anyway thanks for your time, and Swervedriver rocks, muthaf***a !!!!!!!
      Jacquelyn “

      Fine with me.

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