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    I have loved following up on peoples recent listenings. I have searched for many of the bands that have been bought up, but it is a slow and painful process on my 56k modem. I am wondering if anyone would be interested in this:

    We all make a complitaion cd of stuff that we would reccomend to others here. And we send them off to those who are interested and have provided an address for mailing too.

    No swervedriver as we all have it i’m thinking. And maybe no MBV etc etc. It would be a good time to showcase the music that others wouldnt have heard of. I can think of stacks of Aussie stuff that you may not know of, as an example. I love finding those quirky, foriegn bands that my mates have never heard of and introducing them aswell.

    I guess the logistics could be a bit tricky but it doesnt have to be rocket science either. If youre keen email me your postal address and when i get 10 or so i will pass them to all who have sent them to me. Then we mail them and sit back and wait for 10 new compilation CDs to arrive. Very Romantic and cool!

    Let me know if its a goer or not


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