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      Hey, it’s official everybody, go quaff some and enjoy. But not too much so you end up on the street. I thought it might be fun to list your favorite brew or cocktail.

      After my sojourn in Australia, it was definitely Boag’s in first place followed by Cooper’s Spring Ale (on tap).
      In US, a delightful recommendation is: 60 minute IPA by DogsHead Brewery out of the great state of Delaware. It’s of course highly hopped but by steady hop infusion (don’t know how they do that). There is also a 90 minute IPA that they make, but it’s fucking deadly and too sweet and full for my liking (9% ABV…2 of ’em will rip your head off…no foolin’).

      Go ahead, mates…pick/list your poison. [8D]

      Uncle Geno[}:)]

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