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    hey there,

    got to talk to adam last night, will post the full transcript of our interview sometime soon, but don’t hold your breath, i’m very busy at the moment.

    the main news: apart from the 10 week tour as guitarist in sophia that just started, we can expect a new album from adam some time this year. there’s no label for it yet, but adam hopes that this one won’t be just a small stateside release this time. he’s written a bunch of songs for it, which range from tracks similiar in style to the orange toshack highway album, some more guitar-driven songs with a swervedriver feel and some that echo the finger picking stuff he’s been doing at his solo shows.

    there are also talks of a west coast tour this summer, but nothing is confirmed as yet.

    also, adam’s been great on stage with sophia, they really rock out for the latter half of the show. robin proper-sheppard told me that he’s thinking about adding some may queens (his “rock” side project) songs to the setlists as the tour progresses, so that should mean even more rock action from mr. franklin.

    that’s it for now!

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