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      Oh god…’shoegaze’. Will that word never die? Anyway, if you like the list below you should check out this-

      DISC 1
      JESUS & MARY CHAIN Rollercoaster 3:50
      A.R. KANE Baby Milk Snatcher 3:15
      COCTEAU TWINS Cherry-Coloured Funk 3:12
      HOUSE OF LOVE Christine 3:27
      ULTRA VIVID SCENE Mercy Seat 6:35
      SPACEMEN 3 Hypnotized 5:58
      LOOP Arc-Lite 4:29
      14 ICED BEARS Surfacer 6:43
      GALAXIE 500 Tugboat 3:55
      THE PRAYERS Puppet Clouds 3:01
      KITCHENS OF DISTINCTION The 3rd Time We Open The Capsule 3:22
      A.C. MARIAS One Of Our Girls Has Gone Missing 4:42
      TELESCOPES Precious Little 3:15
      PALE SAINTS Sight Of You 5:52
      JANE FROM OCCUPIED EUROPE Ocean Run Dry 6:44
      SONIC BOOM Angel 7:53

      DISC 2
      RIDE Drive Blind 4:48
      LUSH De-Luxe 3:24
      SEE SEE RIDER Slip So Slow 2:31
      NIGHTBLOOMS Crystal Eyes 2:22
      VELOCITY GIRL I Don’t Care If You Go 3:14
      CRANES Inescapable 2:44
      CHAPTERHOUSE Falling Down 4:01
      WHIPPING BOY Switchblade Smile 3:00
      DARKSIDE Waiting For The Angels 5:15
      BOO RADLEYS Kaleidoscope 5:44
      SWERVEDRIVER Rave Down 5:09
      SLOWDIVE Slowdive 5:17
      CHARLOTTES Liar 4:21
      BLEACH Decadence 4:21
      CATHERINE WHEEL She’s My Friend (original version) 4:30
      BARK PSYCHOSIS All Different Things 8:12

      DISC 3
      CURVE Ten Little Girls 4:28
      BLOW-UP Somersault Sunrise 3:37
      LILYS February Fourteenth 3:59
      HONEY SMUGGLERS Good Afternoon 3:33
      LEVITATION Smile 4:00 or 7:26
      SPIREA X Chlorine Dream 4:20
      MOONSHAKE Coward 2:26
      SPITFIRE Translucent 3:57
      MOOSE Suzanne 3:28
      SPIRITUALIZED Run 3:08
      REVOLVER Heaven Sent An Angel 4:49
      ECSTASY OF SAINT THERESA Square Wave 3:41
      BLACK TAMBOURINE By Tomorrow 3:06
      TH’ FAITH HEALERS Gorgeous Blue Flower In My Garden 6:16
      WHIPPED CREAM Explosion 4:20
      DYLANS Godlike 4:37
      SMASHING ORANGE My Deranged Heart 5:24
      HINNIES Gong 3:51
      BANG BANG MACHINE Geek Love (Original 12”) 9:26

      DISC 4
      THE SUNFLOWERS Closer 3:26
      DROP Mirrored 4:46
      THE BELLTOWER Lost In Hollow
      ADORABLE Sunshine Smile 5:03
      SUN DIAL I Don’t Mind 3:50
      FLAMING LIPS Talkin’ ‘Bout The Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues
      (Everyone Wants To Live Forever) 3:57
      DROP NINETEENS Winona 3:17
      BLIND MR. JONES Fading Fast 4:34
      MEDICINE Aruca 4:49
      COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS Charming Sister Kiss Me Dead!! 5:10
      HONEY BUZZARDS Star Happy
      LOVELIESCRUSHING Babysbreath 3:51
      SPECTRUM True Love Will Find You In The End 3:33
      MAJESTY CRUSH No. 1 Fan 4:08
      SWALLOW Sugar Your Mind 4:04
      SWEET JESUS Phonefreak Honey 2:26
      SWIRLIES Park The Car By The Side Of The Road 5:04
      MERCURY REV Bronx Cheer 2:49
      BAILTER SPACE X 4:05

      DISC 5
      DRUGSTORE Alive 2:32
      FLYING SAUCER ATTACK Soaring High 4:19
      CURTAIN SOCIETY Chelsea 4:11
      dEUS Zea 4:57
      AN APRIL MARCH The Last Of Ariadne
      ROSEMARYS Wake Me Up 4:05
      SECRET SHINE Loveblind
      SEEFEEL Plainsong
      SPINDRIFT Surround Sound 5:04
      ALISONS HALO Dozen 5:09
      STARFLYER 59 Sled 3:27
      BARDO POND Die Easy 6:52
      SWIRL The Last Unicorn 4:24
      BOWERY ELECTRIC Next To Nothing 6:32
      LUNA 23 Minutes In Brussels 6:41

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