Suggest some OD pedals for the swervesound.

Guestbook Suggest some OD pedals for the swervesound.

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    Carrot Rope

    Hello, I’m looking for another overdrive/distortion
    pedal to add to my chain that can give me fuzzy yet
    not too fuzzy, and twangy yet not too tin and thin.
    Ideally it would work ontop of my current distortion, which is the gain in my Peavey classic 50. I slap a TS9 tubescreamer on top of that to really bite but I have nothing to color the chords. I would love to get something that keeps the notes audible and clear like in sandblasted, or girl on a motorbike as well as bite like in Duel. Actually Duel is the perfect example, how can I get those notes to shine like the intro picking part, and meat of the “spark neon from candlelight” part?
    Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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