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Guestbook suggestion – best of bootlegs for download

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      Hi. I suggest that we come up with a list of the best tracks from all our bootlegs and offer them for download here at the site. It can be our little compilation and I’m sure I can get it ok’d by the powers that be.

      I only have enough space to put up about 40 files maximum and that is granting a normal distribution of durresses. I’m not the greatest swervedriver librarian that ever lived so I am looking for some help with the list.

      I think that for the casual surfer who just wants to hear some live swervedriver it would be better than what we offer now.

      I suggest mp3 and I suggest the files get sent to somebody for aggregation. Perhaps if you suggest a file you should be able to provide the file.

      Now who is with me and what say you?

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