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      I wasn’t sure if I should send this to Brad or someone, or post it here, or if anyone was even interested. But I figured out the chords for Sundown by Adam off of the Bolts of Melody CD.

      Verse G, Em, B, F, C, G, D, Dsus4
      Pre-Chorus C, B, D/F#, F, C, Dsus4, D
      Part Before Chorus A, C
      Chorus (if you want to call it that) where he sings “I’m on my way…”
      is A (arppegiate the chord) then play C

      That’s pretty much it, I have the solo, but can tab it later. If anyone is interested I have the tabs for Theme from LSD, and Canvey Island Baby that I figured out too. If anyone wants em’ I’ll post em.

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