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    Sanctuary Records are issuing “Creation Anthologies”. Hurricane #1 Anthology was the first which is a double cd. It has remixes, rare b-sides, singles, outtakes and more. There’s one for Slowdive coming out and another for Boo Radleys. Creations website mentions one for SWD coming out, read the Joe Foster interview from this link or read the copy/paste below: http://www.creation-records.com/news/index.html

    Joe Foster talks about the new Creation reissues

    Joe Foster has given an interview to Poptones about the series of Creation reissues coming out soon on Sanctuary.

    In the interview he reveals that alongside the previously announced Hurricane#1, Slowdive and Boo Radleys anthologies, there will also be an album from Swervedriver. Joe is also planning to release on his own Rev-Ola label the ‘lost’ Telescopes album which would have been their second for Creation.

    Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

    Are the rumours true about the re-issues of the early classic Creation albums?

    Yes, I’m working with Sanctuary records on this…it’s all very exciting!
    What’s the first one?

    It’s Hurricane#1.

    Oh I know….They were never one of the indie-gods I suppose, but you know what – when I finished sequencing the album, with the outtakes and the rarities and remixes, it sounds pretty damn good. I think there’s interest initially because Andy is in Oasis now, though that’s fairly irrelevant, so there will be a reappraisal. Hopefully this time without the indie snobbery they were subjected to first time round. I still love Oasis by the way though I never go to their shows anymore. I always had fans staring down at me like they are about to give me the beat-down. Probably because I’m better dressed then them. After Hurricane 1, we will be releasing a Slowdive anthology. I’ve finished the tracklisting with the anthology, and the band are pretty happy with it….
    You were part of Creation – how does it feel to be working on the legacy of Creation?

    The bands really trust me, because I’m more than a record company suit doing the reissues I was their friend, or their producer, or their publisher or a mate of Alan McGee’s, or something…I was the nice one! I think the Creation reissues will be very choice. It’s strange working on a history project partly consisting of my own life though….I’m waiting for people to try correcting my take and my memories..which I’m sure they will….!
    What are the other plans for Creation reissues?

    We’ll be doing a number of compilations, fairly imaginative and let people get an idea of the back catalogue and don’t worry we won’t put any Legend! on there…
    I rather like the Legend!

    Each to his own I would guess. I suppose the second single is not bad but the first is atrocious….yes, OK, I admit it, I produced the second one….and played on it too….mea culpa.
    You’ve also reissued a number of Creation records on your own Revola imprint.

    Jasmine Minks, Jazz Butcher, Biff Bang Pow even my own stuff ­ yes, I’ll be continuing with those imprints. It’s mostly artists that were rather delighted to know that they own their own material. It can just go through as the early Creation artists all know me and if I mess up then they know where I live and they can come over and have a go!
    What is the next reissue of Creation for Revola?

    The next reissue is up for it are The Telescopes. They have one album that they said was never released. I don’t know how a released album can never be released but it is a very long and complicated story with a lot of facts and I had to take a nap afterwards. The facts are that it is an excellent album, and should be out there….
    What were the reactions of the bands involved in the reissue project?

    Slowdive’s reaction was the most humorous – they wondered if they had enough songs for the anthology that is coming out. Swervedriver, after I contacted them, their attitude was – ‘Oh let Joe and Alan (Moulder) take care o

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