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      I can probably design this and put on Cafe Press so there is no minimum number required to complete. If done, those interested can just purchase from Cafe Press (cheap, cheap).

      They would be the oval type stickers that used to be reserved only when your car was in foreign countries, now it is commonplace with stuff like Myrtle Beach, Outerbanks etc…so it’s not as exotic.

      It will have a big SWD in the middle of the oval and https://www.swervedriver.com on the bottom of the oval. If you can think of a good swervie quote to go along with it, shout it out asap, and I’ll include it, otherwise I’ll keep it simple just with the above info.

      As always, ladies and gents, your thoughts are greatly appreciated. I don’t imagine the bandmembers will have any problems with this, but I’ll wait for Brad’s blessings before doing anything.

      Geno [:D]

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