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    Steve F.

      Ok i’m not actually sure if this is available, but im guessing not.

      I reeeeeaaally want to buy a Guitar tab book for all albums! (Not the “Ive got really stoned and ive stumbled onto what sounds rather like this SWD song!”)
      Ok some songs are easier than other until you come accross a guitar woven, layered track. like “never lose that feeling” and many others, of which you need 6 pairs of ears.

      Surely this has to be the alternative guitarists goldmine of a purchase, I would give my life saving to get hold of these books, and I know a crap load of other muso’s that would do the same.
      The release of such a thing maybe too far gone now?, IMO I dont think so…

      For me this is my all I need to fill my SWD addiction..

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