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    hey i’m a newb to this forum, been into the band for an eternity now.
    listen to this epic tale of love and loss….
    during the 99th dream tour me and some chums saw swervedriver twice in one day. they played an instore performance early in the day at criminal records in atlanta’s five points and then later at the old cotton club that evening. we brought a camcorder to the first gig and adam was about 4 feet from me with the rest of the band spread around. we taped it but i never got to see it. a few months later i asked to borrow it and my friend replied with an “ummmmm….” and i’m all “no fucking way” and he’s all “yeah man it’s lost. probably recorded over or some shit, we can’t find it” and i’m like “well that the lamest shit ever”. you could say i was enraged that the subject of my devotion in life was taped live by us and then lost in that shithole of irresponsability. so the story concludes with this same friend (whom i forgave long ago) looking through old family tapes of picnics and shit i guess and he finds it! he comes over a few hours earlier and we watched it and that was that. i’d never seen it but it was a nice little thrill. the tape is kind of messed up despite never being watched until now but the majority of it has survived. what should i do with it? i kinda want to preserve it, maybe someone knows of a service where it’s transferred on good quality heads that can read through all the crap and maybe digitized or put onto dvd or something; i have no idea. it’s a pretty intimate performance, not very loud and with simpler setups guitar wise. they were hung over as well so the music was toned down as you can imagine. any suggestions?

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