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      hi all

      wanted to let you know how good the show was before I have a sleep and upload the footage that I got. Apologies for spelling/grammar/mistakes, but i had a good one….a tea and a cheeky smoke are by my side now.

      first off… the venue… scala is great, it’s a converted cinema in kings cross. We walked past at 8 and the queue was huge…. so we went for a few beers up the road, expecting the queue to die down by 9. When we got there the queue was even bigger…. right round the venue.

      got in and the venue was more packed than i’ve ever seen it. felt massively proud of this. they got on stage about 9.40, started with sci flyer.

      the rest of the set… my head is a litle fuzzy, so order, accuracy and songs will get worse as i go along, but they included…. someone else can help out on order…(it was fairly similar to the first half of the LA show)…….

      sci flyer
      the birds
      99th dream
      for seeking heat
      these times
      blowin cool
      other jesus
      last train….
      mustang ford
      rave down

      never lose that feeling
      kill all superheroes

      mustang and rave down were perhaps the best i have ever seen. simply stunning. i wish i had videoed them.

      I checked out youtube before and saw that there were no live videos of never lose that feeling, so made sure i got the whole of that. i’ll try and upload it tomorrow…….

      all in….. soooooo good. the place was rammed. so why only 2 UK shows? i think a few more should be booked.

      eyes hurting… night all…………

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