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    This is only an idea, so please no one get offended. This is in regards to the “what-is-a-swervedriver” page on our swervedriverS.com site. (The site has nothing to do with the band except for the fact that we named it to honor them. Don’t bother going there; it sucks so far.)

    We were thinking about including four or five 30-40 second sound bites of Swerverdriver songs, not long enough that anyone would ever consider stealing them but long enough that anyone with a brain would be like “DUDE, this stuff’s pretty cool, let’s buy the friggin’ CD.”

    We already linked to swervedriver.com, of course, but we think that most people are too lazy to go to the trouble of spending a lot of time on a site for a band they’ve “heard of” but never actually heard. If we had links right there to a few short snippets, problem solved. People with good taste in music could then go to swervedriver.com and read about the band and buy CDs and become real people.

    We realize this is something that’s done all the time, although it’s technically illegal; but so is going a half a mile an hour over the speed limit, and it’s what I would consider a truly victimless crime. Hopefully the band and the world in general would be a better place for it.

    But anyway I’m looking for feedback about this from SWD fans, not authorization, since I’m not sure that anyone could really authorize it, and besides, we’re going to have about three visitors to the site per year, so who really giuves a f***?

    Thanks for any comments anyone might have. Long live Swervedriver & F everybody else!!

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